Wednesday, February 22, 2012

About Guau

Beer is Art: Guau Brewing is the dream of painter and sculptor, Parker Sullivan, and fellow brewmaster Hudson Hamrick. Dealing only with fair-trade, organic, and holistic ingredients, the thought and energy that goes into making a Guau brew is comparable to an fine oil painting on canvas, or religious ceremony. Everything in the creative process is carefully considered, consciously planned, and or experimental in this expressionistic manner of creating contemporary art.

Beer is Medicine: Being fascinated by experimental materials, theories, and medicine since childhood, Parker hopes to bring a new realm to the ever-expanding beer world. Studying to attain his Certified Clinical Master Herbalist Degree (CCMH) at the Natural Healing Institute in California, the re-opening of the brewery is in the works.

Beer is Life: Guau Brewing is a Gypsy Brewing and Consulting Company. Working to educate and spread the enlightenment of ancient fermentation and herbal medicine. Working with a full spectrum of beverage enthusiasts from commercial microbreweries to your novice home-brewers, Guau Brewing hopes to spread the seeds of natural medicine. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Spoleto Opening: The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art

Drink Service: Guau Brewing was asked to be drink service of the Spoleto Opening 2011 at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. We were asked to bring our wildest beer, as the theme of the show was "Outta Space." sooooo...... We did! Guau's best seller was their Nut Brown, which was a smoked rye porter aged on Jatoba from Brasil, infused with a variety of flowers, herbs, and a natural aphrodisiac. To balance out the wildness of the dark beer, we had two Pale Ales. One was Yeast Series #3 with a local wild yeast fermentation. The other was El Mismo, an India Pale Ale to artistically exhibit certain honey and hop characteristics.

With a crowd of about 300, Guau Brewing brought the good vibes to the art enthusiasts of the Southeast. The exhibition was a great success and a proper closing ceremony for the brewery, as the owner, Parker Sullivan, moved to California the following day.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

1.17.11- Scottish Ale

Mash Tun
Hot Liquor tank

Concoction #2 Label
Boil Kettle
Just hops ;)
Boil Kettle

Welcome to GUAU.

Fermentation Room
Chilling the Wort
Imperial Stout bottle-conditioned and ready to drink!